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Partner-Manager, Solar Installer, Power 4 All Electrical

Gerrit was born in Albany WA, like many locals. As the second child of 11, he grew up in a large Christian family, side-by-side with his twin sister. His family moved to Perth, where he lived for some time completing his schooling years. Gerrit liked to tinker in computers while growing up, with fond memories of the old IBMs and 286-486 PCs. As a result, he soon completed a few certificates in Information Technology and network administration.

“We sure are blessed to live in this part of God’s amazing creation here in Albany, what, with the postcard beaches, four-wheel-drive adventures, fishing and yes, also work too, we couldn’t be happier. As an Albany electrical contractor and solar installer, I am very thankful to be able to enjoy the coastal scenes and also the inland farming communities where we serve our clients.”

Here in the Great Southern, an electrician needs to be diverse in his skills and abilities! Power 4 All Electrical gets excited about solar installations and all types of electrical work. However, after many client requests, it soon became obvious that we needed to up our skill sets and pursue other avenues to allow for personal and business growth!


Sparkies were in high demand, and Gerrit soon landed a job as a trade assistant for a local contractor in Perth. A year later, and with a love and a desire for the ocean, he pursued a Diploma of Marine Studies (Fisheries Management), which led to some sea time on a commercial fishing vessel in Yallingup, WA. However, he had a home loan to pay by then, and simply couldn’t catch enough fish to maintain his home loan! Gerrit, looking to go back to a more stable income, sought electrical work, but had developed a love for the country way of living and was glad that an offer of an electrical apprenticeship in Albany was on the cards.

Gerrit is a firm believer in personal growth: growth in knowledge, maturity, wisdom, humility and experience. Marrying his wife Karina in September 2008, he claims was one of the best decisions he has made. As a Christian, Gerrit values certain characteristics in life such as self-sacrifice, grace, humility and understanding, which challenges his character and helped to shape his perspective of life.


Being in a small city like Albany, it’s easy to become involved in community services. Gerrit joined the Highway Volunteer Bushfire Brigade some five years ago, and is now filling the position of Captain or Fire Control Officer. “It’s an incredible experience, being a part of something that can be very big, and also a way to meet many great volunteers and city personnel.”

Going forward

Gerrit completed his apprenticeship as a mature age and was after the next step of life experiences. So in 2013, Power 4 All Electrical was registered. Now, five years later, he has six great employees, three children and still has an enthusiasm for his work! “God has certainly allowed me an interesting business journey so far, and I look forward to discovering what He directs in our lives from here!”