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Going solar is a huge investment. But as Albany’s solar WA specialists we can safely ensure it’s a wise one. Going green isn’t just about being able to call yourself ‘self-sustainable’ – It’s much more. You’d be setting your sights on the long-term. Here’s what you can expect from a solar system:

  • Clean energy
  • Increases property value
  • Massive government incentives
  • Massive government incentives
  • Reduction in business risk
  • Power of the future

Whether you want to know which solar companies are best, to what size solar panel will fit your rooftop – you can receive an array of Albany WA solar advice. Solar power is the energy of the future. Contact us now and you can have a tailored system – involving solar panels, inverters and a battery – in no time.


A solar system is an investment. To have that investment pay off – much has to be taken into account (PV Size, property location, battery kind, system quality) When you speak to the Albany solar team from Power 4 All you will be given a comprehensive consultation & property assessment. You will have us do the analysis and heavy lifting for you to ensure that you have a quality system that suits your needs, is installed correctly and gives you the highest return on investment possible.

When thinking “Albany Solar Power” think “Power 4 All”. There are so many reasons you should call us for your Albany Solar Solutions but here are just a few:

  • Experienced tradespeople
  • Quality products
  • Data Driven Decisions
  • No hassle experience
  • Itemised billing
  • Warranties on workmanship
  • Personal consultations
  • Professional services
  • Friendly team
  • Payment options


June Ford
June Ford
13:07 09 Jun 20
excellent service care and detailed to the very end. Best service I have had in a very long time from the initial quote and after sales service. would have no problem recommending them for any job and especially solar
Barry Manester
Barry Manester
08:11 07 May 20
We have worked with Power 4 on numerous projects and always found them professional and helpful I would and have recommended these guys a lot.
Peter Holmberg
Peter Holmberg
02:31 09 Apr 20
What am awesome team! Enthusiastic, energetic, professional, and excellent standards and value all round. We've had 2 complete domestic and business buildings rewired to 2020 electrical standards (were 1950s and 1980s standard 😖) with Western Power's inspection and approval. An awesome solar power package and a reverse cycle aircon installation . No fuss, no bother, no delay...... just done😁
Ros Holmes
Ros Holmes
05:52 25 Mar 20
Gerrit and his team are passionate about providing the best service possible to Albany and the region. Give them a go for your next project.
Nusa Penida Semabu Hills
Nusa Penida Semabu Hills
07:28 13 Mar 20
Outstanding in all aspects. From Shane the operations manager thru to all the sparkys who attended - Ryan,Yogi,Daniel and Peter. I found them polite, time efficient, worked very well as a team, knowledgeable and safe and creative when encountering a problem. True professionals who provide service and quality of work they are proud of. Highly Recommended. John Harvey. Cosy Corner Beach Cottages. Kronkup.
Adam Hornsey
Adam Hornsey
03:01 24 Feb 20
In my dealings with business owner Gerritt, I have found him an extremely sincere and knowledgeable person, particularly regarding solar power.I cannot recommend his character highly enough.
Janine Bennier
Janine Bennier
06:08 21 Feb 20
Highly recommended. Prompt and efficient service, always. No job too big or too small
Mal Dodson
Mal Dodson
05:05 20 Feb 20
Highly recommend, Gerrit and his team provide a professional and trustworthy service with customer service that is outstanding.
Jake Steel
Jake Steel
01:30 20 Feb 20
Phillip Burns
Phillip Burns
01:29 20 Feb 20
Staff are fantastic and easy to understand no Jargon. Not going to recommend something just to get a sale they look at what the customer needs and the best option to deliver the required outcome in a timely and cost effective solution. I would not hesitate to contact Gerrit and the team at Power 4 All
sarah holden
sarah holden
00:36 20 Feb 20
Great business, great people. No hassles, no lies. Straight up hard working honest and reliable. Highly recommended.
00:15 20 Feb 20
Glenn Schoof
Glenn Schoof
00:13 20 Feb 20
Responded quickly and got the job done. Great service!!
Richard Charles
Richard Charles
01:51 18 Feb 20
Excellent workmanship and outstanding customer service!
ted mac
ted mac
03:31 14 Feb 20
We have used Power 4 All for some building work we had, we were very pleased with all aspects of Gerrits work and will happily recommend him to others and use him again in the future.
Albany Raiders
Albany Raiders
03:29 14 Feb 20
Very Professional, punctual and honest with time billing, we are very satisfied with the service provided by Gerrit.
Stacy Veltkamp
Stacy Veltkamp
03:23 12 Feb 20
Highly recommend Power 4 All Electrical. They are professional, reliable and have great customer service. Really loved how tidy they left the work area after installing lights and how super helpful Gerrit was with his advice. With his suggestion, we put in split switches so we could use just some lights at a time - really the perfect solution. We look forward to using him in the future, the team is so friendly!
Stacy Veltkamp
Stacy Veltkamp
03:12 12 Feb 20
Highly recommend, they are very professional and prompt. Their workmanship is of top quality and their customer service is outstanding!
Julianne Maisey
Julianne Maisey
22:40 17 Dec 19
A totally professional team! Amazingly they were able to install an air conditioner the very next day due to a cancellation, the bosses came out to do the job! I was very grateful.
Blue Field
Blue Field
05:58 19 Nov 19
Replaced the garage light and the service was excellent.
Wayne Wood
Wayne Wood
05:19 23 Oct 19
Installed a new light and switch - Great service they were on time, very helpful and I was happy with how much it cost.
Jacqui Pieper
Jacqui Pieper
04:01 12 Oct 19
Had Cameron and Peter come out and install a new Fujitsu Air Con on Thursday and am super happy with the result. We ended up putting the outside unit onto the roof and both the guys were professional and polite and a pleasure to have come and do the install. Shane talked to me about solar and how I can improve my system out here. Overall these guys are brilliant!! Great company, great workmanship, great reliability and service. On time and very professional. Would thoroughly recommend this company
Jacqui Pieper
Jacqui Pieper
03:54 12 Oct 19
Had Cameron and Peter come out and install my new Fujitsu air con on Thursday this week. Fantastic and quick professional job done and no wait times at all. Shane at the office talked solar with me and has given me options on what I would like to do next. Great company, great reliability and great workers!! On time and professional guys to work with. Definitely recommend these guys for any work you may require!
12:38 09 Oct 19
Today I was lucky enough to be referred to Power 4 All Electricial, I needed Electricial work to be carried out and no one was replying until I spoke to Shane of Power 4 All Electricial.Absolutely impressed with the customer service, it was outstanding. The two electricians who attended my dwelling wasted no time attending to the job. They were Professional, kept me informed of the issues, worked well as a team and left the work area clean - wouldn’t even know they had worked there.I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Power 4 All Electricial to my friends, from the start of my phone call to Shane at the office , to the tradesman completing the job.Thank you Power 4 All Electricial from one very impressed customer.
Natasha De Souza
Natasha De Souza
03:51 08 Oct 19
The team at Power 4 All are super-efficient, friendly and professional and always go the extra mile to deliver top-quality installation services.
Justin Hardy
Justin Hardy
04:27 27 Sep 19
Shane and crew did a brilliant job at short notice wiring up parts of my home for fitting downlights. What really impressed me was how responsive the team were and quickly grasped what was required and made sure they had all that was needed on hand. It also ensured no interruption to the tother trades work taking place. Professional team to work with and will definitely recommend to others. Thanks again
Kayleen Barton
Kayleen Barton
03:09 25 Sep 19
We are travelling and had issues with the 240 voltage in our van. We phoned Power 4 Electrical and were fitted in between other jobs immediately. They did a great job and had us on the road in 3 hours (we thought it would take much longer to fix). Their customer service was outstanding. We would highly recommend this company. Thank you Shane and Peter, also thanks for the coffee, makes the wait more pleasant)
Donna Murphy
Donna Murphy
07:07 23 Mar 19
We have just had our solar system installed by the boys at Power 4 all electrical We went through the usual internet quote system and got many quotes & offers from the well known installers One of the main issues for us, aside from getting an ideal and appropriate system, was because we are in the country, local warranty and knowledgeable back up service was a must Most if not all of the other quotes we received would or could not clarify who would do any warranty or the names of any sub contractors We ended up going for a 5kw system From the moment Power 4 All got in touch with us we had a totally different experience WOW!! We were blown away by their professionalism and local knowledge Plus the A+ customer service- they kept us informed every step of the way From the initial inspection, which was done the next day right through the whole process the boys were great They were polite & helpful & answered any questions we had honestly and openly We felt very confident in all the electrical work performed also because they are electricians, not just installers When they said they would come, they came, when they said they would call, they called- every time Within 4 weeks of booking our inspection, we had our system up and running The placement of the panels on our roof is giving us excellent results- given when we use most of our power, which was all taken into consideration by Power 4 All They are so very knowledgeable about solar and power in general and did a top job!! We are amazed with how much power we produce in a day even when it’s cloudy The cost was also reasonable and actually a little cheaper than some other quotes we got for the same system- they got us a really good deal on our panels !! I would recommend Power 4 All to anyone in the great southern who is looking to install solar- I cannot say enough about how pleased we are with them and our new solar system Thanks guys !! 👍👍
Caz Smith
Caz Smith
06:32 15 Mar 19
Shane and his crew provided a truly professional service when installing our solar panels. Fantastic communication from start to finish, we were kept in the loop at all times. Excellent quality products and installation. This outstanding local company comes highly recommended.
Juan Hart
Juan Hart
03:17 15 Sep 18
I highly recommend Gerrit and his team at Power 4 All Electrical! They are all professional, hard working, honest, efficient and very knowledgeable and all who take pride in their work with nothing but wonderful service!
Dwayne Ballast
Dwayne Ballast
05:11 12 Jan 18
Clint Cozynsen
Clint Cozynsen
10:07 04 Oct 16


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How much money will I get back on my solar investment?

Let’s imagine you have a common 6kW solar system. If you only use 50% of the generated electricity and utilise the low range of the Albany feed-in rate of 7c – you can expect to save $1,370 per year in Albany.

Of course, you need to understand it all varies according to a number of factors, such as shading, your location and your system preferences.

What will my solar system look like?

This can depend on a number of factors such as:

  • The solar manufacturer you choose
  • The type of solar system
  • Your required solar system size

Solar Manufacturer

You can select from a range of diverse companies. The key characteristics to consider when selecting your manufacturer is quality of performance, value for money and warranty. We support tier-one manufacturers such as REC solar, Trina, SMA, Risen, the affordable Huawei, and more.

Type of Solar

You need to select a solar system that matches your needs. This may be your budget, your location, or the appliances you want to power.

Hybrid solar: The best in terms of long-term saving. This type of system has your solar panels and inverter, but it also has a solar battery to store your generated power.

The benefit of a hybrid system is you’ll barely have to draw energy from the grid and, in doing so, save a lot of money.

Grid-connected solar (aka Grid-tie): These don’t have batteries.

The benefit is your installation/purchase will be a lot cheaper, but it won’t give you the long-term savings the hybrid solar does.

Independent Solar: This type of system is independent from the grid entirely.

The benefit of this system is if you cannot access the grid, want to live completely sustainably, or want to power a small independent system of some sort (i.e. An outdoor solar pump, refrigerations system, etc.).

Your Required Solar System Size

The amount of electricity you use to power your household will determine the size of your system.

If you have a small household that uses $350 in 60 days and consequently uses 17kWh per day, your calculated PV array size would be 5.0kW. This calculation considers Albany weather.

Find out your solar system size requirements by using this online calculator.

How long will my solar system last?

You can be confident that your solar system will save you beyond the three to four years it takes for you to pay it off. For the next ten years after installation, you will be saving on your electricity bills.

With some maintenance, it’s guaranteed your solar system will last for up to twenty years. Some companies, such as REC Solar, offer a 25-year warranty if you install with a professional.

With your large government subsidy (from up to $2,225) and the current innovations in solar technology, your investment will be an incredibly wise one.

Do I get a warranty?

Yes. Your consumer rights are respected and honored.

The warranty for tier-one solar manufacturers range from 10 – 25-years. Reliable high-performers such as REC solar offer 25-years, whereas budget-friendly companies such as Trina, offer 10-years.

You’ll also be guaranteed a 5-year performance and installation warranty as a company policy. It’s understood any reputable business needs to uphold consumer protections.

Will I have power when the power is out?

If you have a grid-tie (aka grid-connected) solar, your system will automatically shut-down due to safety reasons.

If you don’t want to suffer during a power outage, then going hybrid solar is the way to go. Because when a power outage occurs, your battery storage will cover you. The electricity you store on-site will back-up and your home will remain an island of self-sufficiency among a neighborhood of unpowered homes.


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