#Solar Energy / 20 Mar, 2020 / by Brayden

Grid Connected Solar Systems

What is a grid-connected (aka grid-tie) solar system? How is it different from standalone systems that have battery storage? Read more to learn about grid-connected systems - their pros and cons.

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#CCTV and Security Systems / 05 Mar, 2020 / by Brayden

The 5 Best Home Security Tips

Find out which homes burglars target. An insightful home security checklist.

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#Solar Energy / 12 Feb, 2020 / by Brayden

The Best Solar Systems of 2020

We talk you through the best solar system companies and what sets them apart!

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#Electrical safety / 19 Dec, 2019 / by admin

Private Power Pole Safety

As unfortunate as electrical horror stories can be, it’s important we learn from them and grow wiser.

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#Electrical safety / 13 Dec, 2019 / by admin

Is your electrical switchboard safe?

Many Great Southern home owners are still using a traditional switchboard. But it may be time to upgrade. Have you recently renovated your home?

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