The 5 Best Home Security Tips

We’ve put together the 5 best home security tips. Why? The prospect of someone breaking into your family home and creeping around is a very frightening one. And although Australia’s crime rates have generally decreased in recent years – there were still 225,000 recorded burglaries in Australia. That’s one every three minutes.

And what’s the best way to create a home security checklist? Listening to the very individuals who burgle homes is how! This blog will explore what burglars’ are reported say when it comes to their shade-y choice of occupation. The reasons for them targeting some houses and avoiding others.

Which Homes Burglars Targeted

Before getting into the 5 best home security tips we will talk about which homes burglars tend to target and which homes they avoid.

In general, the detainees mentioned the two biggest reasons for them to target a home. The first was lack of activity.

They stated houses that appeared vacant or unoccupied was something they looked out for. This could be indicated by the following:

  • Left out rubbish bins
  • No light turned on during evenings
  • No Vehicles in the driveway
  • Mailboxes overflowing with mail

The detainees also said they targeted homes’ in attractive areas. For instance, homes that have expensive vehicles and / or valuable items in clear view.

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Which Homes Burglars avoided

61.1% ex-burglars said they avoided homes that had large barking dogs. Conversationally, others specified smaller dogs were less of a deterrent.

Working alarm systems took second place. 49.1% of the criminals stated a working alarm system is a sure deterrent.

The other deterrents mentioned were as follows:

  • Automatic sensor lights – 22.8%
  • Inside lights turned on – 19.3%
  • Grilled windows and doors – 9%
  • An unknown area – 14%
  • Visibility from the road – 14%
  • Gates – 12.3%

The 5 Best Home Security Tips

  1. Consider Investing in a Guard Dog: Large barking dogs are most effective in deterring criminals.
  2. Install a Home Security System: Automatic lights, screamers, and CCTV are all effective.
  3. Prepare For Vacations: Get a friend to park in your driveway and collect your mail. Keeping a light on in the house is also wise.
  4. Grilled Windows and Doors: Especially for homes very close and visible to main roads.
  5. Installing Retaining Walls or Planting Trees / Bushes: Burglars are reluctant to investigate a location before visibly analysing it

Why Install a Security System?

Installing a home security system deters home burglars in the moment. But they also help you in the event of a successful robbery.

Police in Western Australia prioritise visual verification with the same priority as “a crime in progress”. This means if you have live or recent CCTV footage of your robber, police will prioritise your report and respond faster. Too boot, supplying this footage to insurance authorities can aid your assessment and speed up any stolen item or vandalism claims.

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We would love to hear any personal stories you have about home burglaries. Even if you have additional information about security systems of home security tips – be sure to comment. We would love to hear from you!

Our Home Security System Offers

This year, the crew at Power 4 All have been trying our best to empower the community. We believe giving you the information to make wise decisions when it comes to your family homes safety is a great way to do that. If you feel like you need more resources on home security management, follow this link to the WA’s Police departments resource list.

If you’re interested in a security system, here’s a couple offers we have put together. 

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