The Best Solar Panel: REC Alpha Series

The Best Solar Panel: REC Alpha Series

Once you’ve made the decision to install solar energy, the next thing you’ll have to choose will be the panels. When it comes to solar panel technology, they’re similar to cars in that different manufacturers create better models. Average quality panels, for example, may only convert around 16% to 17% of sunlight into electricity, whereas better quality manufacturers like REC Solar create panels that are much more efficient, converting over 21 to 22%.

REC Group

Founded in 1996 in Norway, The REC Solar Group has been the leading panel manufacturer in Europe, providing the solar industry with top quality and high-performance products for well over 20 years. While they have expanded and evolved considerably over that time, their quality of product has only improved, making them one of the best brands to choose when investing in solar.

REC Alpha Series Solar Panels

Specs Alpha Panel

While the vast majority of residential solar panels have 60 rectangular cells, the new REC Alpha Series utilises a relatively new technique which has 120 half-cells. By dividing the cells in half, REC was able to create incredibly efficient panels that increased durability while simultaneously decreasing the amount of energy lost.

Suitable for installation in both hot and cold climates, REC Alpha Series panels have a strong frame that helps reduce cell damage in extreme weather. Thanks to the combination of crystalline silicon cells and thin film technology, the Alpha Series has increased energy yield and overall efficiency, even at lower temperatures.

Many industry commentators are already predicting that the Alpha Series will account for around half of all solar panels sold within the next 5 to 10 years. That’s because REC Alpha Series panels have been designed to ensure continued high-power performance, reaching peak power of 380 Watts over its entire lifetime and delivering over 20% extra power than standard panels.

REC Alpha Panel Warranty

REC Alpha Warranty

Known to be a good investment by lenders and clients alike, all REC solar panels come with a 25-year warranty which guarantees 92% of linear power output. When REC panels are installed by an accredited REC Solar technician like Power 4 All, they also have a product warranty of 25 years. All other installations typically come with a product warranty of 10, 12, or 20 years.

The unique cell design of the REC Alpha Series is why they have quickly become the most efficient solar panel available on the market today.

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