Welcome to The Future of Green Energy

Welcome to The Future of Green Energy  

For most of the last century, humans almost exclusively generated and consumed the energy we needed by drilling and mining the earth. But the first 20 years of this century has seen a gradual move away from these legacy fuels. The energy sector has began pivoting toward more efficient, sustainable, and low-carbon energy sources. People are also looking to save money – and it seems solar energy is an ideal solution.

Solar Energy

The shift towards clean power has been steadily increasing over this time, and capacity set to expand exponentially over the next decade, with solar energy leading the way. Solar has long been the most common and well-known renewable energy source, with installations more than doubled in Australia over the last five years.

Not only can solar provide enough reliable energy to power homes and businesses, but prices of solar panels can also be reduced. You may be able to save thousands of dollars on solar panel installation if you qualify for solar rebates, incentives, grants, or subsidies.

Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme

The Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme allows households and small businesses to receive a benefit that helps cover the initial purchase cost of a solar installation. This benefit is in the form of Technology Certificates or STCs which have varying values depending on a number of different factors. These include the amount of renewable energy produced, the climate in of the region, system preferences, and how much shade is on your roof.  

Small Scale Renewable Energy Map

Australia’s Low Interest Green Loans

Low interest green loans can be used to purchase and install approved solar energy products. This helps you support the planet while also reducing your energy bills. These loans are available for terms of up to seven years and at a much lower interest rate than traditional options like credit cards or personal loans.

This essentially means homeowners can now power their home without chunking into their savings. By safely setting this up with a finance provider, installing a system becomes cash-flow positive from the get-go.

Are Solar Panels Worth it?

So are solar systems finally worth it?

Solar panel prices are currently at an all-time record low, while electricity prices are continuing to skyrocket across Australia. With today’s solar technology, It’s realistic to pay off your solar system in 3-5 years and it’s been found that it can save households up to $3,000 every consecutive year on utility bills. With the aforementioned schemes and loans, it’s evident that going green is a worthwhile investment well into the future. 

The Future

Family Solar

Green solar energy continues to be the best option, providing cleaner and cheaper electricity than ever before in history. Installation costs will also continue to decline over the next few years, as new technology increases overall performance and enhances savings (the newest REC Alpha Panel for example).

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