Need to know more about solar energy? Maybe you need more convincing about the long list of reasons to go green!

This archive lists all the blogs we produce relating to solar energy. All the team members at Power 4 All Electrical are incredibly excited about solar energy. The moment we hear “solar”, we get that twinkling in our eye and ready a lungful of air, ready to blow you away with all our knowledge on renewable energy and solar installations.

Watch this space for all the newest innovations related to Solar systems. Learn about the best brands out there and how to invest in a great system.

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What is a grid-connected (aka grid-tie) solar system? How is it different from standalone systems that have battery storage? Read more to learn about grid-connected systems – their pros and cons.

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We talk you through the best solar system companies and what sets them apart!

Australia gives huge incentives to go solar because it’s such an efficient and green way to generate electricity. However, the subsidy decreases on a yearly basis. Read this blog and learn more!