Australia’s decreasing solar rebate

The Australian government provides a huge solar rebate on solar installations. This is because solar energy is incredibly beneficial for the environment. Not to mention it can save you an incredible amount of money, even in the Albany and Great Southern region!

But time is running out. Year by year the amount you can claim is being reduced. This is because the scheme is being terminated over a 12-year period. The closing date for the higher subsidy is the 31st of December!

How is the subsidy calculated?

The Solar Credits program is part of Australia’s renewable energy target. It acts as a discount voucher. It’s based on where you live, the size of your system and the timeframe.

Depending on these variables, the number of STCs you’re legible for varies and therefore your rebate varies.

If you want an easy way to find out how many STCs you’re legible for, use this calculator.

What’s the worth of your STCs subsidy?

If you were to purchase a 6.6 kW system within the Great Southern, you would receive a huge solar rebate of $3,348 off your solar system installation. Let’s look at how this was calculated.

If you were to purchase a 6.6 kW system in Albany (WA) the calculator would show you would receive 93 STCs. Multiplying this amount by the STC’s current market value will give you the dollar value.
At the time of writing the market value for a STC is $36.
93 (STCs) x 36 (Market value) = $3,348

Unfortunately this subsidy is decreasing, which adds an urgency for making the shift into solar energy sooner rather than later.

The Decreasing Solar Rebate

The scheme decreases the subsidy every year until 2030. This is because the scheme is designed to phase out by 2030.

The shorter the deeming period, the fewer STCs you can receive, and the smaller your discount will be.

Next year the deeming period will be 11 years. For Albany and the Great Southern regions, this means you miss out on approximately $330 off your solar system installation.

The closing date for this year’s higher subsidy is December the 31st!

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