Is your electrical switchboard safe?

Many Great Southern home owners are still using a traditional switchboard. But it may be time to upgrade. Have you recently renovated your home? Do you have too many appliances running through your fuse box? This is a sign you need an electrical switchboard upgrade. Unsafe switchboards lead to terrible life-threatening accidents.

This case study demonstrates the need to keep on top of switchboard health.

The Beldon Electrical Accident March, 2018

Recently, Western Australia’s electrical safety regulator concluded their investigation on the accident that seriously injured a 12-year-old girl in Beldon.

The report detailed that the resident’s neutral conductor failed. This led to the electrical earthing system becoming live and dangerous.

The purpose of neutral conductors is to bring back electricity to its source. Because this wire was damaged, 230 volts of electricity was redirected into the resident’s water tap.

Whether the fault originated from Western Power’s or the residents cable could not be determined. This was because the evidence was burnt to a crisp.

Director of Energy safety, Saj Abdoolakhan, urges consumers to act on faulty connections before they become dangerous open circuits.

Accidents such as these are incredibly unfortunate. We here at Power 4 All Electrical send our sentiment to the families’ affected.

Causes of Accidents and Faults

Although it’s difficult to maintain the quality from the suppliers’ end, you can take measures to secure your homes electrics. These points highlight the key causes of faults related to electrical switchboards.

An Old Electrical switchboard

As advancements in technology are made, better appliances and gadgets are added to the home.
These appliances make life-easier and bring comfort. But as we collect these new appliances the need for more fuses and circuits grows. It’s possible your current fuse can’t handle the load! If your fuse trips when you use the kettle at the same time as the microwave, it’s a sure sign you need an upgrade.


Renovations change the environment around your switchboard. Is your switchboard exposed to the elements? Is it distanced from drainage according to regulation? Renovations can turn that safe distribution board location into a dangerous one.

Switchboard Faulty Wiring

It’s possible that ‘hubby for hire’ or unqualified electrician has made some questionable moderations. This could be to cope with small renovations or extra appliances. If your mains electrical board looks like a game of Tetris, maybe it’s time to call a licensed electrician.

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