Farmer Fundraiser 2019

We here at Power 4 all pledge our support to Australian farmers by sponsoring a farmer fundraiser event.


This November just past, Australia has seen a record for the lowest rainfall ever seen. Rainfall deficiencies have affected most of Queensland, NSW, South Australia and some parts of the Murray Darling since early 2017.

For some, this means more trips to the beach, but for others, this means a lower quality of life and a rough year financially.

Bureau of Meterology – Drought Map, 2019

Australia is losing at least 4 farmers a month to suicide and most of these are from drought affected areas. The extensive drought rolling on into this next year will only exacerbate these instances.

We here at Power 4 All Electrical have begun an initiative to support the Farmers of Australia through a farmer fundraiser. Money will go towards Helping Australian Farmers Ltd, a funding program providing drought relief to Australian farmers through provision of money, goods, and services.

Donate this Christmas to give ongoing support to persons suffering or recovering from drought. Follow this link to make a donation.