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Gerrit Ballast
Gerrit BallastPartner - Manager, Solar Installer
Gerrit, with his entrepreneurial spirit, is a friendly and easy-to-get-on-with gentleman. He enjoys new challenges and likes to work in a team environment. He and his wife Karina are partners in the business, which works very well! Karina is a large support to him and sees that Gerrit doesn’t get too ahead of himself! Check out Gerrit’s story for more!
Shane Polick
Shane PolickSolar Sales and Works Co-ordinator
Shane is a brand new employee who knocked on our door offering his services. He loves solar and is passionate about helping people save on their power bills and looking at ways to improve your energy usage. It was where our business was now at, so how could we say No too that! In teaming up with a growing business that prides itself on providing quality products and service, Shane is able to offer many customers a customized and quality solution for your power needs.
Ryan 't Hart
Ryan 't HartElectrical Tradesman, Solar & Aircon installer
Ryan is a real go-getter. Hard working and likes to get the job done. He motivates us all to work hard to give our clients the best value for our labour. Ryan previously ran his own business and did a mature age electrical apprenticeship with us. A great asset to our team! Ryan is a volunteer at South Coast Bush Fire Brigade.
Dwayne 't Hart
Dwayne 't HartElectrical Tradesman, Security & Solar Installer
Dwayne is good at tech work. He enjoys nutting out IT type issues and making things work. Dwayne has come down from Perth, where much of his experience revolved around house wiring. With his interest and abilities in IT work, Dwayne is fast catching on in Security Alarm systems and CCTV. He has the ability to complete jobs in an efficient manner. A great guy to work out those annoying first world tech issues we have!
Cameron Dekker
Cameron DekkerElectrical Tradesman
Cameron is the new man on the block!
A fun-loving and hard-working gentleman, Cameron came on board as a tradesman with a desire to increase his skills and knowledge, on top of what he already has! He’ll be fast learning new skills in Solar installations, Electrical maintenance and fault finding and much more. Welcome to the crew Cameron!
Karina Ballast
Karina BallastPartner and Accountant
Karina is a great homemaker, where she busily cares for 3 excitable boys and her hubby. Somehow she finds time to pay our wages, do our taxes and manage some of the book-keeping. We are all grateful for her diligence and hard work! Her passion for landscape photography rewards us with some gorgeous shots!
Shelley Wagenaar
Shelley WagenaarBook-keeper, Accounts and Administration
Well they say that book-keeping makes half of the business, and here Shelley excels. She has been and is a real blessing to our team, as she stays on top of a lot of the paperwork that would otherwise get pushed to the side! A great person and we don’t really mind your pushing to get our paperwork done!
Bohdan van der Wal
Bohdan van der WalElectrical Tradesman
Bohdan is a very helpful and reliable employee! He continues to be a very dedicated part of our team, where his thoroughness and willingness to help is always appreciated! Bohdan’s hard work has also been recognized by the Department of Housing, where we have received awards. Bohdan is also part of the volunteer-bush-fire-brigade, a diversion he enjoys but also prioritizes for the safety of the community.
Daniel 't Hart
Daniel 't HartElectrical Apprentice
Daniel is a dependable chap who is already quite versatile in what he can do. He is an asset to any tradesman that he works with, as his growing experience allows for the jobs to run smoothly. With a quickly growing number of Solar Installations under his belt, he is quickly getting the hang of how it all works! He enjoys the learning curve and working out ways to make things more efficient. Great to have you on board Daniel!
Jarrod Spaanderman
Jarrod SpaandermanElectrical Apprentice
Jarrod, our newest apprentice is a great guy to have on the team. Always ready for a joke and a laugh to keep the team morale up! Jarrod is also enjoying the new challenges that his job gives him, and is responding very well. Already increasing in his Solar installations and Aircon installations, Jarrod is getting exposed to many different challenges, but he tackles them with confidence, and our customers enjoy his friendly character.