Photoelectric smoke alarms vs ionised smoke alarms

Recently, media outlets have begun discussing the “dangerous smoke alarm most Australians have in their home”. Although this isn’t entirely true, they do have a point.

Photoelectric smoke alarms are a lot more effective than the older ionised systems. Photoelectric detectors involve up-to-date technology which has proven to identify the most threatening fire types. This makes photoelectric smoke alarms the best option for you if want to keep your family safe and secure.

What exactly is a photoelectric smoke detector all about?

Photoelectric smoke alarms have an inbuilt chamber with a light source. When smoke enters the chamber, it interrupts the light-beam and sounds the alarm. This system is able to “see” slow smouldering fires which are the leading cause of death in house fires.

Evidence suggests ionised alarms can’t detect slow smouldering fires as effectively. They rely on “feeling” invisible particles of combustion.

Additionally, people tend to remove their ionised alarm batteries because of the alarms tendency to sound false alarms (for example, when you burn your toast by accident). This further increases the risk of accidents.

What does the WA Building Commission recommend?

The WA Building Commission and The Department of Fire and Emergency services recommend the use of photoelectric sensors. It’s even safe to speculate state legislation will eventually out-law ionised systems in favour of photoelectric systems (a step NSW’s commission has already taken).

More information on smoke alarm regulations in WA.

Take safety into your own hands and install a photoelectric sensor early!

We here at Power 4 All Electrical offer the peak of safety and innovation through our Brooks Photoelectric smoke detector.

Brooks EIB3016 Photoelectric Smoke alarm

Our Brooks EIB3016 intelligently uses a photoelectric sensor to detect all fire types extremely fast.

It’s chamber design reduces false alarms through and contains a rechargeable lithium battery which gives six months’ back-up power. On top of this, the battery lasts for an incredible 10 years! This means you save costs on batteries and you don’t have to stress about changing them each year.

The Brooks EIB3016 can also connect to the AudioLINK app. This enables you to view a live feed of the alarms health. Past detections, dust contamination and alarm age can also be viewed.

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