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Power 4 All Electrical Albany Electrician paradox_squire_kit

The Squire

Paradox Alarm System

2x PIR Sensors, 1x Internal Screamer, 1x Siren\Strobe kit, 1x MG5050 5-32-Zone Control Panel, 1x Keyfob

1x Paradox K32 LCD Keypad, IP Logger for Smart Phone Integration

For Basic Security

$2585 Installed! (subject to site visit)

Monitor yourself or have us monitor your alarm for $1.10\day!

Great Value Alarm Installation!

Power 4 All Electrical Albany Electrician paradox_knight

The Knight

Paradox Alarm System

4x PIR Sensors, 1x Internal Screamer, 1x Siren\Strobe kit, 1x MG6000 32-Zone Control Panel, 2x Keyfob

1x Paradox TM70 7″ Touch Keypad, IP Logger for Smart Phone Integration, 2x Door contacts, 1x Roller door Contact

For Advanced Security

$3885 Installed! (subject to site visit)

Monitor yourself or have us monitor your alarm for $1.10\day!

Hikvision_cameraSecurity and CCTV

Power 2 Arm: Utilizing 21st Century products and more secure technologies! We hope to give you a simple to use and secure solution for your home or business. Our tradesmen require police checks every 2 years: so you can be assured that Power 2 Arm tradesmen, are not only skilled in the trade, but are also honest and reliable!

Discover how we can put your mind at ease by giving us a call! Allow us to design a custom built alarm system to suit your requirements to give you the best protection for your $$$!

Paradox Alarm Systems

Paradox Alarm Systems

Power 2 Arm has selected the Paradox panel, as it has bridged the dark ages gap! Paradox will give you the ability to control your system securely from your smart phone! With the Paradox Alarm features, you can rest easy and double check whether you have armed your system; or disarm it for a friend who arrived earlier than you!

paradox solutionGaining Popularity

The Paradox Alarm system is fast becoming the most sought after alarm system across Australia. How? Paradox panels have the ability to provide you with more control and automation where it matters and where it is helpful. Paradox makes it simple for both the user and the installer!

In enabling you to control your lights, garage door, and more, Paradox can give you the ability to have more control on the appliances and electrical equipment that you already have.

Remote Feedback

Get a Remote that will give you feedback on whether your system is Armed!!

Switch & Sensor types

Install Camera’s, door strikes, Reed switches, Smoke Detectors, Thermal sensors, glass breaks & much more! We give you better security and peace of mind. With a great looking selection of keypads or touch screens, paradox becomes an attractive addition in your home.

All Alarm systems require a qualified installer and consultant to design & Install your system. In working with you, we aim to achieve the final outcome that you need for your protection. We’ll do the worrying about how to install your system which meets the guidelines set by the relevant cabling and security regulators! At Power 2 Arm, we can provide you with that final service, where we’ll ensure that your satisfaction is our top priority.

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Honeywell is a well known name and brand. While they are still a great panel, and function well, they have been left behind a bit by their opponents in the security industry. In functioning as a basic alarm system where you don’t want or need better control, the Honeywell is still a good option.

This Honeywell Tuxedo device enables you to add extra automation and functionalities, and provides a clear, pretty and functional graphic display. A nice addition to an older style panel. So if you already have a Honeywell Alarm Panel – consider adding a tuxedo to gain additional functionality!