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Offering tailored solutions for your solar generating and storage system needs


Offering tailored solutions for your solar generating and storage system needs

When monitoring your solar production and consumption begins to be the norm, here at Solar Albany, or Power 4 All Electrical, we have the expertise and know-how to get it right in many different situations!

The screenshot on the left demonstrates a live scenario of panels producing 3.04 kilowatts (kW), where 0.77kW is consumed in the home and 2.27kW is exported into the grid. The battery is full, ready for the night usage again.

A 5kW inverter producing more than 5kW?

The graph demonstrates another interesting result. How is it that my 5kW inverter is producing about 6.3kW? As the battery connected is a DC DC system, the inverter is not actually required to convert panel power to 240v AC, but can simply charge the battery straight from the panel power. So here on this more cloudy day, we have the battery full by 10am!

Hybrid PV solar worthwhile? Grid with battery?

Check out my synergy history usage below for an example – you decide!

This graph has been pulled directly from my Synergy usage account. In January 2015 I installed a 5kW with 6kW of panels on my roof, grid connect only. In December 2017, I took it down and replaced it with a SolarEdge 5kW inverter and LGCHEM RESU10H battery, with a whopping 11.34kW panel power – and look how it slaughtered my grid consumption!

You’ll notice how the November/December 2017 period halved, as my I only had it up for one month in that period. It also had a great impact on my power bills: the following month, I was in credit with only a 7c/kWh feed-in tariff, which meant that I was able to export sufficient power into the grid above my consumption to wipe out the daily charge. Very pleased with the results. However, this is in the summer months, so I expect my consumption to increase in winter, as well as solar production decrease. We have a few ideas on how to combat that as well.

Introducing powerful solar solutions

With optimised panels, a back-up inverter and a large storage device, you have the ultimate control and power available for your home! Utilising 21st century technology, Power4All Electrical is able to provide a number of great solutions for your home and power needs.

Is storage really here?

Yes – batteries are coming down in price as you can see, making it a worthwhile investment for the end-user. Seeing where the power is going allows you to maximise your solar system’s true potential.

Why LG Chem?

LG Chem produce a reliable lithium storage unit and are a company who also honour their warranties, which is very important LG Chem is a fantastic solution that competes well with the well-known Tesla brand. LG Chem Batteries are manufactured in South Korea, a nation well advanced in technology. LG Chem’s robust casing and 95% depth of discharge give it an great advantage in its tidy wall mount unit.

SolarEdge Technologies

SolarEdge have taken Monitoring and power control to a new level. We are excited to offer their products as a solution for your home because of their ability to manage panels and batteries.

Optimise your PV system with SolarEdge

SolarEdge achieves higher PV production than traditional systems. Each SolarEdge solar panel on your roof is pre-assembled with a power optimiser for maximised output. A smart inverter manages your PV system, and supports future upgrades to extended capabilities such as battery storage and smart energy.

Looking for energy independence? Try battery storage

The StorEdge® solution is designed to maximise your solar energy usage for increased energy independence and lower electricity bills. Excess PV power is stored in a battery and used when needed to help meet your home consumption demands. The back-up option allows you to stay connected even during power outages.

Take control with the smart energy suite

Cut your electricity bills by combining excess PV power with smart scheduling to heat your water. Control home appliances remotely using the mobile monitoring app.

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