Smoke alarm regulations

Smoke detector systems reduce the risk of house-fire-related deaths by more than 50%. However, to be effective in fire detection, devices need to be maintained, installed correctly and be up-to-date.

The WA Building Commission states systems must:

  • be photoelectric variety. This is currently a recommendation within WA, but these alarms are fast becoming a compulsory standard;
  • must be hardwired to your mains power with a battery back-up;
  • be less than 10 years old (or has not reached its expiry);
  • be approved under regulations if it’s a battery powered smoke alarm;
  • must be interconnected where there’s more than one alarm.

The Commission also states single dwellings must have smoke alarms located:

  • within every dwelling prior to the transfer of ownership
  • on each storey;
  • in all bedrooms;
  • and in all corridors/rooms connecting to a bedroom.

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For the safety of you and the residents within your home, hardwired smoke alarms must be installed by licensed electricians. If you’re looking to keep up-to-date with requirements, then look no further.

The enthusiastic, highly-skilled and licensed Power 4 All Electrical team endeavours to provide you with the most up-to-date, innovative and highly effective photoelectric smoke alarms.

The Brooks EIB3016 Photoelectric 230-volt smoke alarm

We present to you the peak of innovation and safety! The EII3016 smoke detector uses a photoelectric sensor to intelligently monitor and detect the presence of slow smouldering fires. The chamber design is also constructed to prevent false alarms through an insect screen and dust compensation algorithm.

The system uses 230 AV mains, but in the event of a mains failure, uses a built-in battery that provides an absolutely incredible 3 months’ supply! The lithium battery itself can continuously recharge and lasts for 10 years in total.

This cuts costs and saves money in the long-run.

It can even communicate to you via the AudioLINK app. Use the app to monitor the devices health, parameters and history of detections. Additionally, the device interconnects to other Brooks alarms and accessories (although this is not a requirement in WA as of yet, our Commission may follow NSW’s footsteps in the near future).

The incredibly intelligent device self-checks its battery voltage, internal circuitry and sensors every 48 seconds. If there are any faults, the sensor will notify you through “chirping” and flashing a yellow LED light.

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Inquire about smoke alarm maintenance

Update or upgrade the smoke alarm system in your home or business to keep up-to-date with safety measures. We also offer routine maintenance, servicing, and installation. Call us now on 9842 2070.